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BerganoChem Sodium Meta Bisulfate
Sateri Glauber Salt
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Sodium Meta Bisulphate 96.5%

Sodium Meta Bisulphate plays a very essential and import role in Garment processing in Washing Plants. It is commonly and widely used material in Garment washing Plants. More over it is an antioxident, Food Preservative,

Soda Ash Light 99%

  • In the detergent manufacturing industry, soda ash light is used to manufacture high-grade detergent powder. It makes detergents and soaps smoother surface.
  •  In the glass manufacturing industry, soda ash is used to produce glass containers, fiberglass insulation, and many others, soda ash is required because it decreases the melting point of silica.
  • Soda ash light(NA2CO3) is used for drying clothes, clean air, softening water, and also as a fertilizer.
    Use of soda ash is to maintain the pH level in a swimming pool, it increases the alkaline level which maintains pH.
  •  In the food industry, use soda ash as an acidity regulator, stabilizer, and raising agent.
  •  In a brick manufacturing company, use of soda ash as a wetting agent.
  •  Soda ash light is also used to produce other chemicals like sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium chromate.
  •  Soda ash is also used in different industries like pulp and paper manufacturing, water treatment, effluent treatment, metallurgy, and drugs.

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous 99% - Glauber Salt

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous has various applications of uses. It is used in laundry detergent manufacturing, Wood Pulp, Glass making, Textile Ionicity Increase, Food Industry, Heat Storage etc. We are representing Sateri Brand for these solutions.

Pumice Stone 2-3cm/3-5cm

Pumice used as an abrasive, especially in polishes, pencil erasers, and the production of stone-washed jeans.
Stone Wash Pumice Stone

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