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Agent of Decades Experienced Sustainable Manufacturing Brands

We are representative of world’s most renowned chemical manufacturing brands for Garment, Textile, Washing, Glass Factory, Steel Factory. Our well experienced principals always put their efforts for the sustainable, environment friendly and cost savvy chemical manufacture. We do our best to grab the best price for our clients so that they can taste the real performance for their production cost and quality.

Our Products

We are the real source of the right products to enhance supply chain efficiency with . . . .

Sodium Meta Bisulfate/Sodium Pyrosulfate 96.5%

We will give you the most reliable brands Meta Bisulfate like – Haolin, BerganoChem, ChoiceChem, Jiuchong.

Glauber Salt - Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous 99%

Our respective Brand for Glauber Salt is Sateri

Pumice Stone - From Turkey

We can serve you with very competitive price offer for Pumice Stone Turkey Origin.

We are your very dependable source of Material sourcing.

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